29 February, 2008

First blog post

So here’s the thing.

I’ve decided to start a blog. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because I’m the last person on Earth to not have one. A couple of weeks ago, as I would be thinking about things, fo some reason I started thinking about how I would write about them in a blog that I didn’t have. When, in the comments page of another blog that I regularly visit, I found myself caught up in an argument over the limits of the Tommy Westphall Hypothesis (a great little theory that states that half of the television world takes place inside the mind of an autistic child), I started thinking about how I would write in a blog about the fact that I was having this argument. I wanted to write a blog post about how the frustrations of listening to an audio bible, especially when you reach the book of Numbers. I wanted to comment about the experience of watching all five Best Picture nominees, and even thought about posting my Oscar picks up for all the world to see (although in hindsight, I'm really glad I didn't).

And then we had the Oscars a few days ago. And so I decided “Dammit, I am going to start a blog”, so that I could post about it. And so I am. Although I actually wrote this initial post and a post about the Oscars on Tuesday, it has taken me until Friday to get around to actually making the blog. And now I come to reread my Oscars post, I'm not happy about it, so I've rewritten most of it.

In my experience, there are two types of blogs. There are those that people start with the full intention of maintaining them, and then they forget about them, and so do you. And there are those that are diligent about maintaining them regularly. I don’t know which I’ll be – the former, probably, but I’ll try for the latter.

What I can promise you is that I will be overly verbose – my already written Oscars post is 3 pages long. And I’ll probably be rather dull. And it will in all likelihood be very badly written, since I’ll just be writing these quickly, rather than trying to take the time required to fully perfect my writing (and even with my radically changed and rewritten Oscars post, the actual post will still be fairly thrown together and badly done - it just will have been fairly thrown together and badly done twice). Knowing me, I’ll probably go off on tangents, and things will be badly structured, and it will be partly kind-of vaguely stream-of-consciousness-y and partly not. Writing it will mostly be about getting some thoughts down. So apologies in advance for that.

Anyway, there we are. And now, the Oscars…

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