05 April, 2008

Legen ... wait for it ...

So here's the thing.

Earlier today, I was looking at this post on What's Alan Watching, where Alan Sepinwall posted a bunch of YouTube links to some very funny TV scenes - including a couple of great scenes from How I Met Your Mother (the "Let's Go To The Mall" music video and Marshall's awesome "You Just Got Slapped" song). I was happy to see these again, since I'm a big fan of How I Met Your Mother. In fact, I would argue that it's probably the best comedy on television right now. A lot of that is the writing, which really is exceptional, but it also has a seriously great cast.

Anyway, someone posted a link in the comments to this video, from the Megan Mullally talk show, in which Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal sing the Jean Valjean / Javert Confrontation song from Les Miserables. And it is awesome. I'm not sure why - perhaps its just the incongruity between the setting (two guys in casual clothes sitting on comfortable sofas) and the performance (which is strong, angry, and passionate), and the absolute commitment of the two performers, but it really is a lot funnier than anything on the Megan Mullally Show should ever be. Enjoy.

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