04 May, 2008

Well, that was weird

So here's the thing.

I'm at the movies today, watching I Have Never Forgotten You (an excellent documentary about Simon Wiesenthal - strongly recommended if you get a chance to see it).

Anyway, I'm at the Paramount, and the film is showing in the main theatre - not one of the small 30-seat cinemas out the back, but the main theater that seats however many hundred people. And there are, I think, about 3 or 4 people in the cinema (I didn't actually check the exact number, because the trailers were already playing when I went in, so I just went straight to a seat). Basically, my point is that the cinema was essentially empty.

After the film is has been running for about an hour, a group of three people walked in to the cinema. Now, I checked the time on my watch, just out of curiosity. The time was just after 3.45pm. The film started at 2.50pm. What are they doing coming in at that time? I did ponder whether or not they were actually going to a film in one of the small screens, and didn't realise the film wasn't on the main screen. Except I checked, and the nearest film wasn't starting until 4.05pm. Twenty minutes later. And it was No Country For Old Men, which is quite recognisably not a documentary about a holocaust-surviving Nazi-hunter. So if they were in the wrong cinema, they would have quickly realised this. But instead, they stayed for ten minutes - longer than necessary for them to realise they were in the wrong screening, but not long enough if they had snuck in to fill in time before NCFOM started.

Now, I wouldn't have noticed them coming in, being so focused on the film and all. Except that they sat in my row. When you remember that the cinema was empty, it quickly becomes clear that sitting in my row, rather than one of the many completely empty rows behind or in front of me, is a complete failure to observe common cinema etiquette. At least they had the basic courtesy to leave a one-seat gap between me and them, but still, it was appalling behaviour.

But most mysterious about these people - they were eating scoop ice creams. And when the film ended and I stood up to leave, I noticed that the person nearest me had eaten the ice cream, and not eaten the cone. Which would be fine, if it wasn't for the fact that it was a waffle cone. Really, who doesn't eat a waffle cone? What kind of weirdos were these people?

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