08 December, 2008

In other, completely irrelevant, news, I seem to be having trouble sleeping lately ... I wish I could work out why

So here's the thing.

The experiment has been completed. And the answer to the great question of "how many empty V Sugar-Free Energy Drink bottles can I accumulate at my desk in the office before it is suggested to me that I might want to consider visiting the recycling bin" is...

21 bottles. And one can.

Which is rather a lot. In fact, it's a lot more than I would have thought I would be able to get away with. I was running out of room on my desk, I even had to start stacking my piles of paper on top of my piles of bottles, and that would be a serious health and safety issue.

(And incidentally, it takes a really long time to rinse out 21 bottles and one can. And the clinking of bottles as you drop the 17th bottle on top of 16 other bottles is really rather deafening.)

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